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What is the best protection for my paint?

It's a common misconception that waxing and polishing your vehicle regularly provides the same level of protection for your vehicle as a ceramic coating. Any kind of maintenance is always better than none, but in the case of paint protection new technology wins every time.

Chemical Resistance:

The number one reason for applying any product to your paint is for protection from chemical etching. Waxes and sealants, while producing a hydrophobic surface similar to that produced by a ceramic coating, provide very little chemical resistance. This can be demonstrated in the way that a wax can quickly be stripped from the painted surface with anything more than a "pH neutral" shampoo. The question must be asked if a slightly alkaline or acidic car wash will remove my protection, what is it actually protecting?

Opti-Coat Ceramic Paint Coatings on the other hand cannot be stripped with even the strongest chemical cleaners. In fact, Opti-Coat thrives in these conditions with stronger chemicals being more efficient at removing surface contamination from the coating.


Polishing and waxing requires reapplication on a monthly basis, or at best for more durable nano-sealants every 3-6 months. During this period performance will drop off sharply not long after application, and eventually degrading completely until next reapplied. As performance degrades, so does any possible protection the product is providing. If not attended to frequently, this cycle leaves your paint unprotected for periods of time and susceptible to serious damage.

Opti-Coat Ceramic Paint Coatings is a single application with a constant level of protection that doesn't degrade over time with exposure to chemicals or UV. This is not only convenient for the owner saving many hours of time over the life of the vehicle, it also provides peace of mind that your second most valuable asset is well protected from the environment.

Scratch Resistance

Polishing and waxing involves the use of an abrasive polish (often referred to as "cut and polish") followed by a wax or sealant based protectant. Waxed based products provide no resistance to scratching and the repeated use of abrasives on the surface has serious long term negative effects on your clear coat. Thinning out the factory coating through constant use of abrasive polishes and results in premature paint failure.

Opti-Coat Ceramic Paint Coatings while far from "scratch proof" will add an element of scratch resistance to the surface resulting in a reduction of damage from normal wear and tear during every day use of the vehicle. It reduces the need for constant abrasive polishing, therefore preserving your clear coat from long term damage. Not only that, the ceramic coating also adds additional resin to the surface. This results in most damage being contained within the Opti-Coat itself and once again preserving the factory clear coat.

In the end, any protection is good.  But do you want good? or would you like the best?

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Why choose Opti-Coat to pretect your paint?

The Optimum Ceramic Clear Coating (Opti-Coat Pro) is all about protection. But what sets it apart from numerous other paint protection products on the market making similar claims?

"The first significant difference is the chemistry..."

The first significant difference is the chemistry. Dr David Ghodoussi, an Organic Chemist and founder of Optimum Polymer Technologies explains it best.

"Opti-Coat is a pre-polymer that cross links and forms a continuous film on the surfaces it is applied to, similar to a single component isocyanate that forms a clear coat finish. Opti-Coat also reacts with the substrate that it is applied to so it will not delaminate"

"As far as the durability, it is similar to urethane clear coats. It will not wash away or break down, however, you can polish it over time ! The hardness starts at 6-7 but will increase over time to 9H as it is exposed to heat. Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch & mark resistance, and release properties than any automotive coating in use."

Translated so we can all understand that - Opti-Coat is not a wax or polymer paint sealant that will degrade over short periods of time. Or a paint protection product that requires a special "soft wash" or pH neutral shampoo to remain on the surface for any extended period of time. It is a permanent, clear coat finish very similar to your factory clear coat, only harder, and with higher resistance to chemical etching.

"The second significant difference is the thickness of the coating..."

The second significant difference is the thickness of the coating. A single layer of Opti-Coat measures approximately 2 microns in thickness. Or 100 times thicker than your typical wax or paint sealant measuring in at 0.02 microns.

What this means to your vehicle is that any damage inflicted on the surface is absorbed by the Optimum Coating. This is particularly significant in relation to scratches and swirls in the paint work that inevitably build up over time. Not only will the Opti-Coat resist damage far better than factory finishes, but the coating itself can eventually be removed and reapplied. Protecting and preserving your factory coating, and restoring the vehicle to "better than new" condition.

Thanks for taking the time to read this weeks blog. Feel free to contact us anytime for all of your Detailing needs in Kelowna and surrounding area.



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